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Brainstorm of ideas - sonny day and light dirt.

Describing character/setting - they are walking on light brown dirt on a bright sunny day on a wednesday, they are holding some metal sticks

Ideas for the problem - one of them might trip on a rock that is deep into the ground and broke their leg.

Ideas for the solution - they used aid kit

Start here:
On a sony day me and my mate paula went for a hike first we had to pack our stuff like first aid kit,bange, drink bottle,axe and our bag. When we were about to go we were so excited because this is the first time we did this.

So then they went out and started the walk then they started to run then they stopped for a drink then ran again. Then paula askilenly tripped on a rock that was deep into the ground and broke his leg.

When paula was tripped on the rock and broke his leg i went into my bag and grabbed my aid kit and put the bandages around it. Then I called the ambulance and the ambulance and took him to the hospital.

Maths Questions

Ako Evenig speech

Hi, Thank you for participating in our amazing effort and work. My name Havea and my best buddy is Railey, We Found interesting facts about the astronomers, Today we are gonna tell you a question about who were the early astronomers. The three people that we have researched are Galileo, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. These are the people that one time in there life have discovered something new to our wonderful earth. Galileo discovered the io, rings of saturn and Isaac Newton is a good guy that invented the radio telescope and Reflecting telescope . Albert einstein invented the one only einstein Refrigerator and Gas absorption heat pump. I hope you enjoy our wonderful board of information!!


Monday, July 2, 2018


Focuses for writing this week
Explanation in my own words.
How to use speech marks
You put them at the start before you start talking.
How to put in other punctuation
Put it in front of the speech mark the one on the end.
When to start a new line or when to keep writing
When 2 or more people are chatting
Different words for ‘said’
Adding adverbs
Replied with Excitement, Asked the teacher sad  

“Do u like chickens?” asked stanley as he drank his tea .
“Yes I do I eat them” Responded Havea.
“No it’s not healthy for you” said  Keru as he ate a cake .
“Oh ok is vegetables healthy “ yelled stanley.
“Yes is that a stupid question” Havea said politely.
“Of Course it’s healthy” said Keru.
“Do you play Fortnite?” Havea Said.
“Change subject” As Stanley rolled his eyes.
“I play it on my ipad 2” replied keru.
“What is your username?” Stanley asked.
“Keruazap that’s my username” said keru.
“Mine is XxCortezzJadenxX” as Havea Drank tea.``
“Mine is STANFACE034”replied Stanley.
“Did u know that there is a new game it’s called battlelands” replied keru
“ That must be cool” Havea said with an Exciting Face

Friday, June 29, 2018

I learnt this at music class with Online Piano

Axel Blevins

There was man named Axel Blevins  he wanted to make his dream come true by jumping of the tallest waterfall.

Me and my friends took a minivan there.We had to make a pot stop to food and gas when we got there we had to do a barbarcar to cook.Some of us went into the sea and had a swim.

After the long swim they went to hunt some animals to have something to eat for their lunch. Also they went and got some water for the lunch.Later on me and john went looking for the water when we found it we told the rest of the crew to first we munch than we go.After we munched we went to the waterfall and jumped off after that we went home


Fairy tales


South Cross

Thursday, June 28, 2018




One majestic day, In the most famous country of all time, there lived a majestic 10 year old boy named Ted. He was only found on the streets found by the world’s wealthiest people in the world, He was found by the royal Family located at California, He wasn't that happy only because he really missed his mom (Sarah). He was a slave for 5 years. He was happy for his 20th birthday that was happening around 5 years. 5 years Later It was his Birthday, In his head he said “I WANT TO GO HOME”. To Be Continued...   

Peters lost sister

Once upon a time a boy named Peter went to the market to buy bread and fish. He got money from his guardian. When he went through the market he saw a fortune teller. He wanted to go there but his guardian told him to buy bread and fish but he followed his passion and went to the fortune teller.

Peter thought the fortune teller was a little bit dodgy because it was only $1 per person. He went in with fear and knew he was getting scammed. He went to him and put the dollar in with a little shake. The teller said “Your sister is still alive just try and believe me”.
Peter knew it was a huge mistake he made by going in the fortune teller, Because he knew that the sister died from cancer. He went home to his guardian and then he just did not lie to the gaurdian.

He followed his heart and he didn't lie to the guardian. He  came empty handed to his guardian and the guardian said “Follow your passion and it will lead the way”. THE END

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Car Crash

Brainstorm of ideas:
  • Car crash, people inside the car, fire fighters, not looking, fire-fighters, man was driving then suddenly he crashed into a pole, speeding, different kinds of services - police and ambulance. Flipped,
  • See - people standing around, glass on the ground, windshield or windscreen,  stop traffic, upside down, airbags, fire extinguishers,
  • smell/hear - gasoline or petrol or oil, smoke, sirens, people talking

Drunk driver, Axel Belvins , 60 year old man
Car crash
A witness calls the ambulance, police and fire service
No glasses so couldn’t see
injuries - broken arm, broken ribs, brain damage, scars
Fire fighters use jaws of life to get the person out and save them. They cut the car in half.
On the phone playing Mobil Fortnite.
Petrol leak, and the engine was gonna blow up, so the whole car was gonna blow up.
Fire extinguisher, put saw dust on the petrol, get the people out first before it explodes.
Distracting - picking something up, or changing the radio station.

Death of Jax
2 sentences
One Fantastic Evening The kids had decided to have a very wet day.They had forgot that there dad was around a highway.
Orientation 5-10 sentences
In the year 2012 july the 4th their Dad Axel had been a alcoholic for nearly 12 years now. Axel had his kids in the year 2000, He has very unique twins named Jax and Dax it was their birthday tomorrow and they wanted there dad to celebrate to. Because it was there 20th birthday, Because there dad promised them a Ak47 the most violent gun in san diego.  
5-10 sentences
As the twins went on they had been waiting for hours but the dad was trying his first ever Cigarette Axel thinks it is more important in his life. Jax went out in his car looking for his dad, But little did he know there was a bank robbery. He was held hostage and was taken to prison because he got caught with the bank money. He had try telling the cops but they did not believe him.
5-10 sentences
The dad and Dax saw Jax on the news bared up, They both knew it was a trick, The dad did not go for alcohol so he helped his son get out of jail. They stumbled across the police and they had a little talk. They went to the jail and took him out with the $100 he saved up. They went home and Ava (Mother) was there. They looked disappointed and banished them outside the house
Less than 5 sentences
After a couple of years There dad died they had no funeral because he was very drunk man. Later Jax died from the Latino Gang. Dax was left all alone but he only knew it was always right to take revenge for his brother. He went on and killed The latino gang with the Pump Shotgun his dad gave him before he died.

Postcards in Space

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Reading Boiiii

Catholic bruno boiiii
What did they believe?he believed that the Earth had a soul.
How did they observe the universe? With telescopes and with rocket ships.
What tools did they use?a telescope
Why didn’t the church agree with  them? The church didn’t agree because they didn’t believe in other earths and heavens.
What happened to them? He got burned alive

What tools did they use? Unknown m n

What happened to Teng? He died in 1306 in the reign of Yuian.

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The Oxygen Challenge boiiii
The oxygen on mars Has a 50% you will survive. You might just stay there for 8 months, But do you think you could survive?. Well YES but only if you get the right supplies for it. You will need Dry food and water. Mars Could maybe give you 95% of Carbon dioxide.

The Water Challenge boiiii
There used to be water on mars which means that no water is on will be hard living without water and did you know you can survive without water for 21 days.
The food challenge boiiii
The food challenge on mars can be hard or easy the problem is the food you eat is like powder and water mixed together but there is a solution you can just bring apples or any fruits or vegetables.

The shelter challenge boiiii
The shelter challenge can be easy but there is a problem if you were living at a spot were heaps of dust storms your shelter would get blowed away by the storm

And there is a solution you can build a strong shelter.



Moon Narritive

The only Beautiful Luanar is the only amazing thing in the sky’s of the gods. The wonderful Pohutukawa Tree makes my day because the tremendous Lunar would be the only thing we will see. The Fearless sealife has one or two things in mind, and that is the Wild sharks and dolphins. The walkways that people walk through must see the wonderful moon like us. We might just see the seven sisters on the wonderful view. But what if you see the other planets.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


My friends Leon,Railey and Davlyn formed a group for a oreo moon phase. We had to do the moon phases with oreos.

moon Activity

Bouncy castle

The bouncy castle was the best thing that happened  this term all because of milan moala who won a bouncy castle from a raffle ticket at pt england.

Phases of the moon

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Why do we have seasons?

Watch the video and go on the websites to find answers to the questions below.

How many times a year does the earth go?

Which way does the sun appear to move across the sky?

East to west

What hemisphere is New Zealand in?

Southern Hemisphere
What months do we have spring in?

Write two paragraphs about your favourite season in the space below.

Summer is my favorite because we get a huge holiday and go on epic Vacations. One time I went to the Otahuhu pools.

There is no school around summer so we don't learn. But One time my sister wanted to go school but it was summer so she thought school was everyday.
Why are our seasons at different times of the year to other parts of the world?

Because the earth Goes around the sun and when it shows the dark side then it is winter and autumn. When the sun  shines bright it is Spring and summer
If New Zealand is in summer, what season would it be in North america?

What is the axis?

The line in the middle of the earth
The Equator.
The Equator is an imaginary circle around Earth. It divides Earth into two equal parts: the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. It runs halfway between the North and South poles. The distance around the Equator is about 24,900 miles (40,000 kilometers).

Look at the videos and pictures below and answer the questions

What is the line going across the picture?

The hottest bit on earth the equator
What do you think the colours represent in the picture?

The Land and the Pacific ocean
How do seasonal changes affect plants and animals?

Because different crops grow and Pets grow at different Seasons.
If we could see New Zealand on this picture what colour do you think it would be?

Green and blue because of the oceans and our land.
Why are the countries that are close to the equator always hot?

Because the equator is the hottest bit of the earth
Where is the northern hemisphere and where is the southern hemisphere?

The north hemisphere is at the top and the South hemisphere is at the bottom.

Practise Test

Name:Havea  Date: Wednesday 23rd of mayImage result for The sun

The Sun or Sol is in our solar system,and it is in the centre. The closest planet to the sun is Mercury. Do you think it is the hottest? Well it’s not just because Mars is far away does not mean that Mercury is the hottest that is right Mars is the hottest planet. That is why the U.S president is gonna launch real people to Mars in the year 2020.

The sun’s heat could protently give us heat and light but just stop right there because the sun gives us our vegetables and our solar energy. The sun’s heat will take 8 minutes to travel to the earth and can possibly take forever.

Inner Core
If you just did not know that the hottest bit of the sun is it is the Inner core because when I five I thought the heat came from Mars, but it came from itself.

Sol & Gravity
If you do not know what Sol means it is another word for the sun. Gravity is when you cannot float and when your in space you can float because there is no gravity holding them down.

Solar Energy
The energy Gives us our apples and fruits from our trees. And provides us our veggies to eat. It also gives us sun burns but people still do not care what so ever.

The sun is a yellow Humounges dwarf star where people should not go because it will burn and it is not where you should go on Vacation.


The reason why the astronauts are chosen because the chief of NASA chooses the 4 that get to go. But they also would pretty much die from the dust storms and other elements in mars.


Facts about Neptune

Neptune was the first plant to be discovered only through mathematical calculations rather than astronomical observations.
Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun making it the most distant in the solar system.  Gas giant planet caThiss formed much closer to the Sun in early solar system. Also Neptune is unique for being a big blue ball of ice and neptune is called a gas giant and also it does not have mountains for not having any solid surface. It takes 168 years for neptune to orbit the sun-Leon

Do you know that neptune temperature is about 214 cecilus and did you know why neptune is really cold,it is because neptune is the farest from the sun/sol. Neptune is the strangest planet on the solar system because when  nasa discovered neptune they were searching some mysterious about the planet, well they got something it was the wind going on those winds is extremely high.

Neptune was discovered in the year 1846, The discoverers of Neptune were John Adams,Johann Gottfried and Urbain Verrier he did poetry in his life. Did you know that Neptune was discovered on the 23rd September 1846. The discoverers were John Adams, Johann Gottfried and Urbain Verrier. Johann GottFried did poetry and literacy to.

The features to neptune is it has lots of storms, tornados also cold, dark, windy and mysterious Uranus, Neptune's blue color is the result of red light being absorbed by methane gas in the planet's upper atmosphere.

Neptune is the farest planet from the sun. it A icy gas giant. Mercury venus earth and mass are small planets because the sun gives the hydrogen ti the planets.

People can’t live in Neptune because they could freeze. Also people would die  because they can’t make plants like vegetables, also their shelter will break because of the tornados and bad Disasters that happened there, And they could not have anyThing to eat.

By Havea, Leon, Railey, Reign and Michael.