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Word meaning

DioXide- It means Oxygen

Vessels- It’s a Varios of boats.

Oxygen-is transparent and is from trees and makes us alive

Circulated-  It means a freely through a closed system or area.

Circulatory System-the system that circulates blood and lymph through the body, consisting of the heart, blood vessels, blood, lymph, and the lymphatic vessels and glands.

Circulatory- Circulatory means a circle of blood or sap.

Disposer- It is a Garbage Disposal

Commonwealth games

Recount checklist

Crossing the bridge

On Saturday the 16th of March 1852, there was a farmer and her brown and white cow. The farmer’s name was called peaches.

First the farmer got her cow and tried to get the cow to move “ come on bessie.” she said as she struggled to pull bessie. Peaches grabbed her coins and she went to William Johnsen the toll keeper. She gave William Johnson 1 coin for her and 1 for her cow.

Evening Johnson” she said as she was waiting to cross the bridge.
William Johnson took the money and said “thank you very much,enjoy your day.” William Johnson used his strength to turn the winch so that the farmer could go through the bridge and go to the market. The farmer and the cow got to the market and the farmer got the bucket and milked the cow to sell the milk to the villagers.

The farmer looked and looked to see if anyone was coming to get some milk. But then she saw one person in line to see if it tasted nice. So she gave the nice lady some milk and she said “ WOOPHE!!!, that's the best milk i've ever tasted.” So she bought some milk and took it to her kids and they shared the milk together. After she left she told everyone about the milk and there was a whole line of people waiting to get some milk. Then he got to the last person and there was no one else in the line. So she packed up all her stuff and took her cow home. Then they got home and they jumped straight on to their beds and went to sleep.

Recount checklist ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Surface features
Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence
Capital ‘I’
Capital letters for names of places and people
Full stops at the end of a sentence
Speech marks when people are talking
Punctuation - ? ! ; : ‘
Words are written in past tense
Connectives - next, then, afterwards
Interesting and difficult adjectives
Deep features

Introduction has who, what, when, where, why, and how

Conclusion has a reflective statement or says how you felt
Ideas/events in the right order

3 paragraphs
Metaphors and similes
Different types of sentences - short, long, compound and complex

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A day with my mates

On a beautiful sunny Saturday me and Leon went over to Railey’s house. It was a far walk but me and Leon knew we could make all the way there. We made it but I thought he wasn't gonna be there so I got Leon to knock on the door so that I can attempt to scare Railey. I didn’t but we had a lot of fun for the past 5 mins. But me and leon did not mind because we got to stay there for  7 hours.

We got to the lounge and I was speechless from the next 2 hours. We got to play DBZ and I completely Annihilated them. The score was 3-1 and we all completely disagreed on every game but expect Fortnite and Call Of Duty Ghosts. We played COD for a bit and we died a lot of times because of the aliens and scorpions. We moved on and the game I hated was Mortal Kombat X  Leon destroyed us because he would always use johnny cage or Scorpion.

                                    THE End

Time line

Timeline Events:

In buddies or groups of 3, create a timeline of Panmure. You may use your netbooks to create a doc, powerpoint, drawing of the timeline or draw them up on a piece of paper (be sure to take a photo of it) then SHARE ON YOUR BLOGS and SHARE TO MISS ASHLEY!


  • Mokoia pa existed
  • Building the first panmure bridge-1779
  • Building the second panmure bridge- 1854
  • When the fencibles arrived-1847
  • When people first came to Panmure-1848
  • When Tamaki Primary School was built-1879
  • When the quarry at Mt Wellington was opened and closed-1936
  • When mokoia pa get defeated-1966
  • Building the third panmure bridge- 2016

  • Find 5 other events that happened and add them in
  • When K.F.C was built-1930
  • When B.K was built-1953
  • When M.C was built-1955
  • When was havea’s birthday-2008
  • When was Leon-Lebron's birthday-2008


Where is our school?

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Bridge Recount

On Monday Williams and his wife were about to open the swing bridge. But a problem had come thru, everyone was all angry. There was a boat stuck in the water and they wait very long till 6 o'clcok for the tide to come in and so the boat could move. Then finally they got to go over.
Williams wife did not like people being so angry at her husband, so a year after in 1852 the toll keeper William met these beautiful women. He figured they were fencibles so the ladies paid there way in. But he saw the queen's daughter her name was Emma Wormwood. He didn’t have any time because other angry people were actually starting to throw rocks at Williams house. He got mad because people threw rocks at his wonderful old Shack.

On tuesday the farmer came with his cows and the girls were behind the farmer so we payed for the girls and the cows to get over the bridge then we went over and left carriage then someone told them they left it behind and then we all went for the day then the bridge was closed.

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Bridge Drawing

I drew a little sketch and I covered It all up with vivid I took the pic and it was up side

Beam Bridge



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Tobruk WW2

El Alamein 2nd War

This About The war that happend Againgest Team Allies Known As Team England,NZ, and USA.
And Team Axis Known as Germany And Turkey Enjoy!!!!

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Mystery Ride

       Mystery Ride
One summer ago Dad had promised That Jason and James could go to the theme park. They had been begging since Dad had made the promise. “Stop Begging or I will have to cancel the trip” Said dad. Two weeks later Dad Said “ Ok get ready we are gonna shoot off to Rainbow End”.

3 hours later we finally got there we had to wait for Half an hour because the line was massive. We got there and I was surprised well not really because I watched the review and 30 people had died on the rollercoaster.

I got On the Rollercoaster then I was really shocked It had started but I was Very Scared because I heard A Large thump at the back of the rollercoaster Because a rail had been misplaced and that was when I was scared. I hated the fact there was Twists and twirls then coming up next was me going upside down like a bat. I was gonna jump out but the seat belt was holding me tightly. My brother Jason Said “ STAY ON YOU SEAT MAN!!!! YOU COULD DIE”. “Ok Fine” said James.

It was my first experience so I didnt know how to get off or but the seatbelt on.It was finished and my hair was swooned I was about to spew around my Dad but I swallowed it up the breeze around me made me feel so screwed like I'm about to fall off the Ride.

Me and my brother went to the car and told our Dad to never come back here ever again. When the night passed I had nightmares about the rollercoaster. Like i Dreamt about me falling to my doom and drowned in the water. That was a memory I can not take out of my storage unit.

                    The End

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This video is about hauroa with my freinds Davlyn and Railey.
Enjoy the video!!!!!!!!

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Dantes lunch

In a time near mexico there was a dog named Dante. He first appeared in a garbage bin then he wobbled his way out to grab a shiny bone.

He bites the bone then gets dragged to the Restaurant then Bashed into a fence. Then tried to stop the bone from running but he Crashed into a wrestling masks and then a cactus shop.

The bone dragged him along the way to a graveyard dante found out it belonged to a skeleton his tongue stuck out then began another ran around mexico again.

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First recount-Cammy

Today we talked about recounts, we had to try and remember what goes in a recount.
Here is what we came up with as a class.

Next we watched a video (Link to the video) and we wrote a recount about it as a class.

Who: the little girl, Annabelle
What: she was happy, she broke her camera, threw in the bin, camera came to life, made a photo of the girl
Where: small town, Mexico
How/Why: she slipped off the pole and dropped the camera
When: sunny day, broke it in the morning, camera picture - afternoon

One sunny day
Picture of a balloon then it popped
Smiling with white teeth
Only Favourite camera

One sunny day Annabelle strolled around her small town, taking pictures of the many beautiful things. Click. Click. Click. She aimed her camera at a light red balloon and it popped just as she hit the shutter button. She smiled with white teeth as the sun rose high in the sky.

Hand slipped off the pole
Swinging, run up to
Fell on her butt,
Big eyes
Camera lense popped out
Laughing - hehe
She sighed
Cuddled the camera, threw it in the bin

She jogged around the town centre, swung around the lamp post giggling and suddenly… KABOOM! Her big eyes opened as she realised she was lying on the ground. Her elbow was scratched and beginning to bleed. Her favourite camera, which she nicknamed Camey was broken next to her on the cobblestones. She sighed deeply. She picked up Camey and cuddled him to her chest, then he fell to the bottom of the bin.

Girl walked up the stairs crying
Shake the bin
Shut his ears,
Click shutter
Pants fell down
Went into garbage
Photo came out of his mouth
Flicked to her foot
She threw it away
Closed the door
Has an idea

Annabelle climbed the stairs with tears coming down her face. The bin began shaking, Camey was alive! He tried to get out of the bin, but it ended up tipping over. He crawled out and searched for Annabelle. She was at the top of the stairs, her back to him.  Camey rushed to the stairs and ah! His ears flung open. He pushed his plastic ears closed and kept running. She was almost gone! He pushed down on his shutter button and oh no, not again, his plastic pants fell down. He pulled them up quickly and kept sprinting. A polaroid ejected out of his mouth and he flicked it towards Annabelle. It slipped silently under her foot, but the movement caught her eye. She bent down, picked it up, and slowly let it drop from her hand. She closed the front door behind her and Camey was left outside feeling lonely.

Girl crying, looked up
Smile, laugh
Camey smiled
Button nose

Camey looked down at the disgarded photo; he had an idea. Click, click, click. Photo after photo after photo. He arranged them on the wall in a portrait made with love. Annabelle rested her head on her arms, thinking about her favourite camera ever. Something brushed her arm, she looked up and gasped. A 18m tall portrait of her profile covered the wall of the apartment opposite. She felt surprised and happy. How had this happened? Who had made this gift for her? Then she noticed. Her favourite camera, Camey! How had he gotten up here?!?! She embraced Camey and her smile returned.

She prepared for their next adventure; she picked up Camey, bought a new repair kit and set off for the forest. She wondered to herself, ‘what magical portrait he would come up with next..’

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Whitangi Day

                                   Part 1
Part 2

Part 3