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Recount assessment Test

Image result for dark chocolateToday After morning tea I tasted Dark chocolate with my class. It was pretty Good because it tasted Awesome for  My first dark chocolate. My first dark chocolate It was really healthy. And my 2nd was not that healthy. I didn't like the healthy one because It was like coffee. And the second one tasted like Real dark chocolate because It had more sugar than the other one. The healthy one has 10 percent of sugar the other one has 23 percent of sugar. After we tasted it we had to do a Recount about how it tasted. And your own experience about it.



Talofa Today we were researching  Were samoa is located.

WALT:find where samoa is on Google maps

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Recount- ANZAC ceremony

Today after morning tea we celebrated A.N.Z.A.C. which stands for  Australia New Zealand Army Corp. We had to show good respect to the soldiers who took part in World War 1. Milan and Michael represented the whole schools presentation. It was a very solemn ceremony where each class and their teachers paid respect to the soldiers who died or were wounded in the war.

We did the national anthem first then bowed our heads for the karakia. We did it on the field of Tamaki Primary School. Everyone had to participate in the ANZAC ceremony. Everyone stood because Miss Kyla was Welcoming all the children to stand To Do the karanga. Each class
represented poems,facts,speeches and other stuff.

I felt Really really sad because i want the world wars to stop. Because we can’t have more dead soldiers in New Zealand or Australia anymore.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017