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Trees for surrival

Trees for surrival

40% of our environment is cleaned with trees. What is really sad is that only 23.8% trees live in Auckland. Most of our trees have been used for houses, Paper and buildings. Mostly lumberjacks throw trees in the lake to make a lot of pollution. You should know that cutting trees are only making insects and animals hard to live. Cutting down trees is a bad habit because if you didn't know trees give us oxygen you better know now. We need more trees so we can get more carbon dioxide produced by cars used up for the car to start working. Many other habits are living on trees for example RaniTang's love hanging on trees because that what they do in life. If people cut more trees they will be no places for animals and birds to live in.

38.9 of our country has been covered by grasslands. We need more grasslands to build schools,parks,skate parks and houses because housing in New Zealand is a big problem. If we do not build houses, in the future we may not be that many houses and we might be homeless for ever. This means that we need more land but at the same time we need to grow more trees to survive in future.

Santa Writing

Greetings Santa,
Thank you for your wonderful gifts.They were so interesting For me because it felt like christmas was early. I really love the soccer ball you gave me because i’m already starting to like it since the day I got it. It meant so much to me and I also liked the colouring books because me & my younger sister were having a jam at it. At lunch I Saw the gifts and especially my one I had done this gift thing since 2 years ago. Once I first got my Gift I was shocked my reaction was “No way there’s no way they got me this”.
Thank you for the interesting and wonderful gifts Santa.

Thank you for your kindness
-Love From Havea

Hope you Have a Jolly Christmas and a happy New year.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Room on the broom

Today I read a interesting book named Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson.
This book is about an old witch who had a cat and lost all her valuables.  I like this book because the setting is amazing and how they describe how the witch feels.

A new word that I learnt was Purred and bounded.


Today I read a interesting book called Harmonica by Dawn Mcmillan and Andrew Burdan.
This book is about a young boy named carlos who goes in the attic and finds a harmonica from when his uncle jack died.

I like this book because the setting is amazing and how they describe how the carlos feels. A new word that I learnt were Harmonica and veranda.

Highway rat

Today I read the best book called The highway rat by Julia donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
This is a book where a rat on a horse who scavenges for food which means he steals it from people.
I like this book because he kept on stealing peoples food from them even puny ants.

The new words that I learnt was eclairs and snarled.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Perimeter test

Maths test 5

There are 48 lollies that have to be placed evenly on each sixth of the cake. How many lollies will be there on each sixth of the cake?

48 divided by 6 is 8.
There will be 8 on each slice of the cake

Because 8+8= 16 then double the 16 which will make 32. Add two more 8’s then it will equal 48.

Maths test 4

Tablet: 8cm +8cm+12 cm + 12cm= 40cm.

Photo: 14 mm+14 mm+18 mm+18 mm=64 mm

Forest block: 9 km + 7 km + 11 km + 5 km=32 km

Happy Birthday: 20 cm +28 cm + 14 cm + 14 cm + = 76 cm

School Grounds: 260 m + 210 m + 110 m + 190 m + 90 m= 860 m

Bonus: ½ km + ½ km + 3 km + 1km = 48 km

Maths test

Math test 3

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Book report

Image result for the harmonica book DawnToday I read a interesting book called Harmonica by Dawn Mcmillan and Andrew Burdan.
This book is about a young boy named carlos who goes in the attic and finds a harmonica from when his uncle jack died.

I like this book because the setting is amazing and how they describe how the carlos feels. A new word that I learnt were Harmonica and veranda.

Tapa Art

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Image result for Super kid bookToday I read Superkid by Claire freedman and Sarah Mcintyre.

This book is about a young ordinary boy but really he is a superhero with x-ray vision.
I like this book because it inspires me to be a scientist to develop my own hero.

The new words that I learnt were Ordinary and Whizzing.

Math Test 2

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Food Chain

Athletics day 2

“Lele” said my mum, It was my race and I had been surprised because my mum has never seen me run before. I have always been energized since the day I was born. Even Though I would be challenging fast people I would always say “NEVER GIVE UP”. “uh oh it’s my race again” NO!! I’m vs my arch enemy Isaia. So I ran as fast as I could then I won.“WAIT WHAT I ACTUALLY BEAT HIM”. Alright so I ran to the principle and she tallied up the points.

Great it’s finished and in the lead was Benghazi and Tripoli then last but not least was Tobruk.

At the end my mom was over reacting. She was so surprised and excited I thought from then on I would never stop running again. 3,2,1 "NEVER GIVE UP".

Athletics day 1

On a bright sunny day it was athletics it had no faith in myself because I it had gone slow after a year in a half. But I said “nothing is going to stop me”. So I walked to school then rapidly went to room 2 to get our face paint on lipstick and nails done.

The bell rang then I sprinted to class I was nearly the late one but suddenly other people came along like Jarrod,Eve and leon. I thought I had no chance of winning but really I just wanted to get pumped up.

We gathered around the beautiful dots and I felt the really hard cement on the ground it really hurted me legs but afterwards it wasn’t so bad. After we sang our bright chants Benghazi went first then Tripoli,Tobruk and then Alamein.

We went to our tents then we had to run 50m then 100m and almost 400m. I only ran up to 100m because the teachers could only choose 3 out of the others from the teams for the 400m race. It was my race then I won. As I was going out I said “BOOM YOU JUST GOT WASTED”.

The bell rang then I went to my mom and uncle. I felt the breeze coming in my veins while I was eating. I told my mom that I came 1st 2nd and 3rd. We did events I first did shot put the ball was heavy so i got 5m with that heavy up it was high jump I was one of the first 9 year old boys to jump over I’m skilled and others are to.
“Yes it’s my favorite sport long jump”. I got in the finales but I lost. Wow it is discus a teacher named Mrs Komor choose 6 of us she choose me then I chucked it then I came in second place. We did relays and I said “NEVER GIVE UP TOBRUK”. Eventually I was the the first one to run. 3,2,1 GO!! I ran as fast as I could then I handed it over to alissa then we sort went in a time lap. We came first and tripoli came 2nd then benghazi came 3.

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Poetry moment in time

Thunder striking on houses that might just  get houses on fire.
Although a tornado may come it will make hails and take the world apart.
Stormy ways in our town

Can we find ways to stop the stormy cloud.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Solar system

Toys & board games and more


“Argh what is that sound? it is like a grenade blowing up”. “Oh No it’s guy fawkes” as I peek out of my window and saw the most beautiful colours in the sky they were blue,red and white just like the american flag. 2 hours later “What the heck why can I hear fireworks at 8 o’clock at night time” I shouted. “Wow there are amazing fireworks out here” said Moana. “Eww I smelt the disgusting gunpowder throughout the entire thing. I think I sniffed some up my nose when I slept.

12 o’clock “ ok this is getting to out of hand”.”STOP LIGHTING FIREWORKS AT MIDNIGHT”I shouted. As I went back to sleep they thankfully stopped so I was really unfortunate about that because it was a celebration for people but it could really damage locals homes.  

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Artist expressions through colors

WALT:Understand that artist use color to describe their feelings.         

My Subject is a lion. Lions inspire me because they are the king of the jungle. They are looked upon as being savage but I think they switch minds because they protect their family from danger and when they see a enemy they get rough. They are powerful and they are protective towards their cubs.

I have chosen blue,yellow and green for my background. Blue is for risk taking. Yellow stands for the their agility and  their big hearts,  and green stands for camouflage.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Best Day Ever!!!!

1 week ago I said to myself “It is Jump today woohoo”. It was my sister’s birthday and I just could not wait any longer to go. my cousins came over Antonio and Raechel. We went to shop for supplies for the birthday. I saw every single sushi but I could only pick One. then I choose salmon. An hour later we went to the east tamaki Jump the one that we went on our school trip.  We got there before the others because we had a race. After we got there we went to the reception area to get our jumping socks. I jumped on the tramps then I smelt the disgusting toe jams that when people came out of the building.

1 hour and 30 minutes later my Mum was doing everything and my Papa was watching television. 15 minutes later “Yay It is done kaboom”. Then we sang happy birthday but my papa did the lotu as well. Afterwards we munched into the food like ferocious animals. It finished then I had to say goodbye to my brother and cousins.


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Different Flavors Of food

Find two foods that would have the same flavours.

Butter chicken
Rotten egg
Chilly Powder
Green chilly
WaterMelon Juice
Strawberry cake
Strong and bitter
Sweet Chilly
Sweet scented
Banana Split
Sweet Potatoes
Baked Eggs
Pepper and pork
Grape Juice
BBQ sauce