Friday, March 23, 2018

A day with my mates

On a beautiful sunny Saturday me and Leon went over to Railey’s house. It was a far walk but me and Leon knew we could make all the way there. We made it but I thought he wasn't gonna be there so I got Leon to knock on the door so that I can attempt to scare Railey. I didn’t but we had a lot of fun for the past 5 mins. But me and leon did not mind because we got to stay there for  7 hours.

We got to the lounge and I was speechless from the next 2 hours. We got to play DBZ and I completely Annihilated them. The score was 3-1 and we all completely disagreed on every game but expect Fortnite and Call Of Duty Ghosts. We played COD for a bit and we died a lot of times because of the aliens and scorpions. We moved on and the game I hated was Mortal Kombat X  Leon destroyed us because he would always use johnny cage or Scorpion.

                                    THE End

Time line

Timeline Events:

In buddies or groups of 3, create a timeline of Panmure. You may use your netbooks to create a doc, powerpoint, drawing of the timeline or draw them up on a piece of paper (be sure to take a photo of it) then SHARE ON YOUR BLOGS and SHARE TO MISS ASHLEY!


  • Mokoia pa existed
  • Building the first panmure bridge-1779
  • Building the second panmure bridge- 1854
  • When the fencibles arrived-1847
  • When people first came to Panmure-1848
  • When Tamaki Primary School was built-1879
  • When the quarry at Mt Wellington was opened and closed-1936
  • When mokoia pa get defeated-1966
  • Building the third panmure bridge- 2016

  • Find 5 other events that happened and add them in
  • When K.F.C was built-1930
  • When B.K was built-1953
  • When M.C was built-1955
  • When was havea’s birthday-2008
  • When was Leon-Lebron's birthday-2008


Where is our school?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bridge Recount

On Monday Williams and his wife were about to open the swing bridge. But a problem had come thru, everyone was all angry. There was a boat stuck in the water and they wait very long till 6 o'clcok for the tide to come in and so the boat could move. Then finally they got to go over.
Williams wife did not like people being so angry at her husband, so a year after in 1852 the toll keeper William met these beautiful women. He figured they were fencibles so the ladies paid there way in. But he saw the queen's daughter her name was Emma Wormwood. He didn’t have any time because other angry people were actually starting to throw rocks at Williams house. He got mad because people threw rocks at his wonderful old Shack.

On tuesday the farmer came with his cows and the girls were behind the farmer so we payed for the girls and the cows to get over the bridge then we went over and left carriage then someone told them they left it behind and then we all went for the day then the bridge was closed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bridge Drawing

I drew a little sketch and I covered It all up with vivid I took the pic and it was up side

Beam Bridge



Monday, March 12, 2018

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tobruk WW2

El Alamein 2nd War

This About The war that happend Againgest Team Allies Known As Team England,NZ, and USA.
And Team Axis Known as Germany And Turkey Enjoy!!!!