Friday, September 22, 2017


On Tuesday at 1 PM I went to Lagoon pools near Panmure. On Monday I didn't go swimming lessons because I had  no lunch on that day. I got put in the red group with James the instructor. Firstly James called out the list “Lily,both of the Michael’s and Zion”. But I didn’t get called out so I said i'm new here so he put me and Rawiri on the list as well.

After we learnt how to do streamline he said it was easy so I did it with the others. I said “ It is easy it is just like a rocket blasting off”. So I participated In all of the swimming lessons. The next step was to lay on your backs then float like you're at the beach. After we did some arm strokes around the pool like follow the leader.

Later it was the end of swimming so we high-fived James then did whatever we wanted at the end. I sprinted to the changing room got changed then went out. The bus arrived then we went  back to school. Mrs sharma told us to get milk and a fruit to lay down and have a rest. The bell rang and just before I went out then mrs sharma said “Tell your mum to take you to the Museum with Leon”. Then I said “ Ok have a good day”.

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