Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Writing with friends(Timote)

Every child should play a team in sport

Although both arguments have valid Issues, The Amazing side is that you could be that guy on television who makes Millions of Dollars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Jason Taumalolo did 1 day, However some Injuries could possibly happen and may take stitches somehow.

My First reason is that you get to play your favorite team because you can represent your own country or just move to a team you love but on the contrary you can be away from your family and friends, You would need to make friends that's hard for some people because they look for new ones every day.

My Second reason why is that you get to play your favorite team and be who you look up to. It’s very very Important to listen to your coach if your in a rugby club

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sentence starters for persuavive writing

Rugby is better than Netball

I believe that rugby is better than netball cause it is more physical and makes u more fit and you get paid more money.

I think that rugby is better cause rugby is more exercise and get more fit also more money and netball players only have to stand still when they get the ball.

I Agree that Rugby makes thousands of dollars but netball makes 1.5 Million dollars Which is shocking.

My first reason is that you have more energy to run 109.4 yard around the field, and netball fields are 8.30 meters which is small for warm up running. Shawn Johnson is a Rugby legend and has made 10 million dollars over the years.  

Cars should be Banned!
I believe that  cars should be banned because global warming is a disaster for homeless people and they might sweat and may thirst.

I think that cars should be banned and just walk also block the motorway so it can be used for walking and biking.

I agree that

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Yoga 2

Collaborate, Cooperate, Counterbalance, embarrassing, Faintly, Embracing, Complicated, Flexible, “Are you Ready”, Body Weight, Incredible, Davlyn,Railey,Michael, Shy, Mid air, Wednesday 17 of october, “This is Impossible”.

It was a beautiful sunny Wednesday, Mean while our teacher (Miss Ashley) was planning another special activity for Rm7, It was 8:56 AM and the bell nearly rung and it was go time for the rugby players,”Yay” I shouted with joy, While Miss Ashley was doing the roll I was thinking “This may be impossible”, Miss had finally finished the roll we had to our Niuean words for Niuean language week. 5 minutes later we had to do amazing jobs like, Girls push the tables to the wall, and boys had to push the chairs to the side to have more space to stretch and bend.”Are you ready” Miss ashley said with pride, “YES!!!!”Room 7 shouted.

The first thing we had to do was find a squad for our yoga, Of course I picked were Davlyn,Railey and Michael. Our squad thought it was complicated but really some weren't, “Are you Ready for the first pose” Miss ashley said, “Yes” Replied Rm7, the first  pose was a spiral and all the boys came together and made it, but you had to do cross hands and make your legs straight. The worst was the last one because you had to use your sort of balance but in the end we did it same as the girls,

I want to do it again because it’s really really fun and I could be a gymnast one day.