Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kites recount

             Havea Sikalu-Mano - W8

Yesterday Room 6 made kites with just plastic bags,Kebab sticks and Yellow string. It was so creative because some other people buy them some people make them with plastic. I made one but I had to restart Since The kebab stick snapped.

Later we went swimming for 20 minutes.After we went back to class to drink milk and grab our kites.Railey the line leader leaded us to the bike shed to fly our amazing kites. Mine broke in 10 minutes so it could not fly. It was Home time then we all got our bags then left.
I felt amazing after flying the kites I was so energized I felt like running like a Psycho.

                Instructional writing
Materials: Plastic bags,Kebab sticks,scissors,sellotape,yellow string and Paper.

1.Grab a template then cut it out like a Kite shape.

2. Put the template over any colored plastic bags the cut it out

3.Grab the kebab sticks then place them in the middle and center of it.

4. Put tape on the top of the kebab stick so it can stick on.

5.Make sure it is straight because if it isn’t it will go flying all over the place.

6.turn the kite over and you will see a massive straight line so make a tiny hole in the middle of the kite then seal it up with tape.

7. Put the little yellow string through the hole then roll a big piece of paper then roll the string around it.

8. Then enjoy the flight.

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  1. Nice one havea love how youve explained step by step on how to make a kite xx