Friday, September 8, 2017

Maui and the giant fish

Maui and the giant Fish  
Maui would always get excited when him and his brother went fishing. Each day if Maui’s older brother came back from his fishing trip Maui would request them to take him to fishing too.

Maui would always be Disappointed because His brother would make excuses like “you’re too young to come”.And then Maui replied “i’ll show you how good I am”. So he grabbed his hook then waited for a fish to go on his bait. So far Maui said “I only get small fish is this some sort of joke”. “But I am Maui the one and only who can do anything I want”.
But what do you know he Catch’s a  Colossal StingRay. 1 hour later Maui’s brother came back from his trip Maui said “ WHO’S BETTER NOW HUH HUH”.  So Maui’s brother was stoked then he brought  his friends then they all agreed to let him go to his fishing trip.

This massive stingray became the North Island of New zealand.


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