Friday, November 10, 2017


“Argh what is that sound? it is like a grenade blowing up”. “Oh No it’s guy fawkes” as I peek out of my window and saw the most beautiful colours in the sky they were blue,red and white just like the american flag. 2 hours later “What the heck why can I hear fireworks at 8 o’clock at night time” I shouted. “Wow there are amazing fireworks out here” said Moana. “Eww I smelt the disgusting gunpowder throughout the entire thing. I think I sniffed some up my nose when I slept.

12 o’clock “ ok this is getting to out of hand”.”STOP LIGHTING FIREWORKS AT MIDNIGHT”I shouted. As I went back to sleep they thankfully stopped so I was really unfortunate about that because it was a celebration for people but it could really damage locals homes.  

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