Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Athletics day 1

On a bright sunny day it was athletics it had no faith in myself because I it had gone slow after a year in a half. But I said “nothing is going to stop me”. So I walked to school then rapidly went to room 2 to get our face paint on lipstick and nails done.

The bell rang then I sprinted to class I was nearly the late one but suddenly other people came along like Jarrod,Eve and leon. I thought I had no chance of winning but really I just wanted to get pumped up.

We gathered around the beautiful dots and I felt the really hard cement on the ground it really hurted me legs but afterwards it wasn’t so bad. After we sang our bright chants Benghazi went first then Tripoli,Tobruk and then Alamein.

We went to our tents then we had to run 50m then 100m and almost 400m. I only ran up to 100m because the teachers could only choose 3 out of the others from the teams for the 400m race. It was my race then I won. As I was going out I said “BOOM YOU JUST GOT WASTED”.

The bell rang then I went to my mom and uncle. I felt the breeze coming in my veins while I was eating. I told my mom that I came 1st 2nd and 3rd. We did events I first did shot put the ball was heavy so i got 5m with that heavy up it was high jump I was one of the first 9 year old boys to jump over I’m skilled and others are to.
“Yes it’s my favorite sport long jump”. I got in the finales but I lost. Wow it is discus a teacher named Mrs Komor choose 6 of us she choose me then I chucked it then I came in second place. We did relays and I said “NEVER GIVE UP TOBRUK”. Eventually I was the the first one to run. 3,2,1 GO!! I ran as fast as I could then I handed it over to alissa then we sort went in a time lap. We came first and tripoli came 2nd then benghazi came 3.

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