Friday, June 15, 2018


The Oxygen Challenge boiiii
The oxygen on mars Has a 50% you will survive. You might just stay there for 8 months, But do you think you could survive?. Well YES but only if you get the right supplies for it. You will need Dry food and water. Mars Could maybe give you 95% of Carbon dioxide.

The Water Challenge boiiii
There used to be water on mars which means that no water is on will be hard living without water and did you know you can survive without water for 21 days.
The food challenge boiiii
The food challenge on mars can be hard or easy the problem is the food you eat is like powder and water mixed together but there is a solution you can just bring apples or any fruits or vegetables.

The shelter challenge boiiii
The shelter challenge can be easy but there is a problem if you were living at a spot were heaps of dust storms your shelter would get blowed away by the storm

And there is a solution you can build a strong shelter.

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