Friday, May 25, 2018

Practise Test

Name:Havea  Date: Wednesday 23rd of mayImage result for The sun

The Sun or Sol is in our solar system,and it is in the centre. The closest planet to the sun is Mercury. Do you think it is the hottest? Well it’s not just because Mars is far away does not mean that Mercury is the hottest that is right Mars is the hottest planet. That is why the U.S president is gonna launch real people to Mars in the year 2020.

The sun’s heat could protently give us heat and light but just stop right there because the sun gives us our vegetables and our solar energy. The sun’s heat will take 8 minutes to travel to the earth and can possibly take forever.

Inner Core
If you just did not know that the hottest bit of the sun is it is the Inner core because when I five I thought the heat came from Mars, but it came from itself.

Sol & Gravity
If you do not know what Sol means it is another word for the sun. Gravity is when you cannot float and when your in space you can float because there is no gravity holding them down.

Solar Energy
The energy Gives us our apples and fruits from our trees. And provides us our veggies to eat. It also gives us sun burns but people still do not care what so ever.

The sun is a yellow Humounges dwarf star where people should not go because it will burn and it is not where you should go on Vacation.

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