Monday, February 19, 2018

Mystery Ride

       Mystery Ride
One summer ago Dad had promised That Jason and James could go to the theme park. They had been begging since Dad had made the promise. “Stop Begging or I will have to cancel the trip” Said dad. Two weeks later Dad Said “ Ok get ready we are gonna shoot off to Rainbow End”.

3 hours later we finally got there we had to wait for Half an hour because the line was massive. We got there and I was surprised well not really because I watched the review and 30 people had died on the rollercoaster.

I got On the Rollercoaster then I was really shocked It had started but I was Very Scared because I heard A Large thump at the back of the rollercoaster Because a rail had been misplaced and that was when I was scared. I hated the fact there was Twists and twirls then coming up next was me going upside down like a bat. I was gonna jump out but the seat belt was holding me tightly. My brother Jason Said “ STAY ON YOU SEAT MAN!!!! YOU COULD DIE”. “Ok Fine” said James.

It was my first experience so I didnt know how to get off or but the seatbelt on.It was finished and my hair was swooned I was about to spew around my Dad but I swallowed it up the breeze around me made me feel so screwed like I'm about to fall off the Ride.

Me and my brother went to the car and told our Dad to never come back here ever again. When the night passed I had nightmares about the rollercoaster. Like i Dreamt about me falling to my doom and drowned in the water. That was a memory I can not take out of my storage unit.

                    The End

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