Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Trees for surrival

Trees for surrival

40% of our environment is cleaned with trees. What is really sad is that only 23.8% trees live in Auckland. Most of our trees have been used for houses, Paper and buildings. Mostly lumberjacks throw trees in the lake to make a lot of pollution. You should know that cutting trees are only making insects and animals hard to live. Cutting down trees is a bad habit because if you didn't know trees give us oxygen you better know now. We need more trees so we can get more carbon dioxide produced by cars used up for the car to start working. Many other habits are living on trees for example RaniTang's love hanging on trees because that what they do in life. If people cut more trees they will be no places for animals and birds to live in.

38.9 of our country has been covered by grasslands. We need more grasslands to build schools,parks,skate parks and houses because housing in New Zealand is a big problem. If we do not build houses, in the future we may not be that many houses and we might be homeless for ever. This means that we need more land but at the same time we need to grow more trees to survive in future.

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